Complex analysis and research onto the legal context of various matters, especially for clients who have an interest or business dealings in Switzerland. Our services include extended legal opinions for trust companies, trustees and beneficiaries of other assets in Switzerland.

Extended legal opinions offer the best suitable options for various legal matters. Our firm is able to offer extended legal options for individuals or legal entities in various matters, particularly of they have an interests or business dealing in Switzerland.

What we do

Our service range includes extended legal opinions for public trustees or trustee companies, as well as executors and beneficiaries of estates with assets in Switzerland.

Our goal

We revise all the documentation received from our clients and we will prepare a letter of advice that will set out the extended legal opinions with detailed options relevant for your case.

Why should you choose us?

The extended legal opinion is a service suitable for clients interested in having an overview of the general legal situation, according to the Swiss laws in order, to establish and consolidate a strong strategy, depending on the particularities of each case.