Drafting of formal notice letters for individuals or legal entities. Our firm drafts formal notice letters for companies or creditors, or for individuals who need to inform authorities or other companies, organizations etc about changes in their legal status, or any other types of formal notifications, compliant with the law.

Formal notice letters are used to inform the recipient of important information. Many common scenarios are suitable for formal letters, including if a lawsuit is filed, if a client wishes to inform various entities about changes in their legal status.

A letter of notification may also be sent to inform companies or creditors if a person has passed away, to inform immigration authorities about changes affecting a visa application, or any other types of formal notifications.

What we do

Our firm will draft formal notice letters for companies, individuals or any type of legal entities, according to the Swiss laws and regulations. You can rest assured that our lawyers will also offer advice on how to develop the best approach, depending in the situation.

Our goal

By drafting formal notice letters, we will make sure that you will be able to notify your clients or authorities in a professional manner about important legal information.

Why should you choose us?

Our team includes experts from various fields of law, to assure you that the formal notice letters are in compliance with the rules and regulations in order.