An ever-growing number of people reach distant countries or other continents hoping to find a better place to live elsewhere. The desire of work and an income plays in the majority of cases a dominant role. Countries with a high standard of living and prosperity are their favorite destination. Most states protect the interests of the native population by means of strict immigration legislation.

Our role

Our immigration lawyers facilitate for you the complex and long process of immigration to Switzerland. A team of experts process the clients’ paperwork according to the latest Switzerland Government requirements.

Economic aspects

Switzerland, same as most countries orientate their immigration requirements to their labor market needs because there is a lack of specialists in many sectors. Suitable foreign workers from selected countries and regions are recruited to fill this gap. We focus on looking the best options available for each client. Based on the specific information of each individual we provide the most appropriate and fastest solutions to achieve your personal goals.

Work permit

Non-EU nationals who are being employed by a company in Switzerland are required to obtain a work permit prior to starting their job in Switzerland. Work permit types:

  • short term permit application for up to 4 months uninterrupted stay or 120 sporadic days per year
  • short term permit application for up to one year based on a limited employment contract, one-time option to extend the permit for another 364 days