Our firm has plenty of experience in setting up funds in Luxembourg. Setting up a fund in Luxembourg usually takes only about two weeks after which you can use it to raise capital.

A Luxembourg fund can be used to raised capital as long as the capital used does not exceed 100 million EUR in assets. If the managed assets exceed this sum, then the fund falls under the AIFM Directive. In this case, the fund must appoint an Alternative Investment Management Firm (AIFM). This type of firm implies some costs, which vary according to the type of assets, the AUM of the Luxembourg fund, the work related to risk management, as well as other factors. If an AIFM is appointed, the costs vary between 10,000 to 20,000 EUR annually, under normal circumstances.

Setting up a Luxembourg found requires the following steps:

  1. A Luxembourg limited liability company with a minimum capital must be set up and appointed as General Partner;
  2. The Limited Partnership Agreement and a term sheet must be drafted;
  3. The subscription form is drafted;
  4. The General Partner is registered as AIFM with the CSSF (Commission de 5. Surveillance du Secteur Financier);

The SLP (Special Limited Partnership) is registered in the commercial register.

What we do

Setting up a fund in Luxembourg requires being informed and knowledgeable with the applicable regulations and local business conditions in Luxembourg, which is why our expertise in this field is a great advantage. We are able to help you optimize your costs, while complying with these regulations. This makes the entire process faster and cost – effective.

Our goal

Not only are we able to offer support to set up a Luxembourg fund, but our team of experts is also providing other important services, such as risk management. You will meet the demands established be the regulations in order, while creating an effective risk management strategy, to protect your assets.

Why should you choose us?

Our expertise will help you set up a Luxembourg fund, depending on the type of business you intend to conduct: bond funds, equity funds, balanced funds, money – market funds, alternative funds, futures funds, real estate funds and private equity funds. We also provide asset management services, risk management and compliance, as well as central administration and operations management.