Preliminary legal opinions to examine various legal issues. Our clients will be informed about the legal options available after a careful examination and research into the legal context of the matter in question. This allows clients to have a perspective on the options and to choose the best solutions for their cases.

Formal or preliminary opinion letters outline the results and the conclusion of and examination of a particular issue. Opinion letters are used, for example, to establish whether a product is infringing or not a valid patent, or whether a person or a legal entity has the right to use a certain product without infringing an existing patent.

Preliminary legal opinions are valuable during infringement proceedings and serve a multitude of purposes, including showing a defendant’s good faith or providing evidence to refute a willful infringement or a charge.

What we do

Our preliminary legal opinion service is focused on providing our clients with a broad perspective on their legal options. This involves receiving all the necessary instructions from our clients regarding the legal matter on hand, an assessment of the relevant legal documents, contracts, agreements or other types of documents and a preliminary investigation and research into the legal context of the matter.

Our goal

Finally, we will prepare the letter of advice that will set out the preliminary legal opinion and possible options relevant for your case.

Why should you choose us?

The main goal of a preliminary legal opinion is to make the clients aware of their legal situation, presenting the best possible options and the costs involved. This way, you will be aware of what to expect and have all the necessary details to make the best decisions regarding the legal matter involved.