We provide all the necessary elements for the formation of a Swiss Asset Management and Fiduciary company, from registered offices and staff, to licensing through membership with an officially recognized SRO.

An Asset Management Company (AMC) deals with the professional management of assets owned by private, corporate or institutional clients. The management can be done disclosed or undisclosed. Generally speaking, an AMC is usually engaged in managing the investment capital of its clients.

Switzerland has an impeccable reputation for the security and quality of financial services, while its regulatory regime is one of the most flexible and relaxed, compared with other jurisdictions.

Swiss Asset Management companies are allowed, but not limited to the following activities:

  • Advisory and/or discretionary asset management services, to individuals, corporations and institutions;
  • Placing investments for clients and act as investments advisers;
  • Opening trading accounts for clients, including FX, commodities and CFD;
  • Trading in securities, bank notes, coins, money market instruments, precious metals, currencies, commodities and their derivates;
  • Corporate finance services to clients;
  • Monetary transaction services: electronic transfers, administering payment instruments (credit cards, travelers cheques);
  • Bank account signatory services;
  • Opening bank account or investment accounts for clients, without the need of a bank reference letter.

What we do

We help you set up your Asset Management & Fiduciary Company, including obtaining a license through a membership with a SRO that is officially recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Our goal

Our services are not limited just to handling the required paperwork. We are also able to provide you with personnel to assist you: a Swiss director, SRO Compliance Officer, bank custodian, registered office, Swiss phone and fax numbers etc.

Why should you choose us?

A Swiss Asset Management & Fiduciary Company offers you a high level of credibility, as Switzerland is well – known for its reputation in the area of financial services. Our firm is able to guide through the entire process of setting up an AMC, as well as provide you all the other necessary elements.