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Our Team

We believe in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork, and therefore have an open and approachable style. Our team is flexible, creative and has the desire to accept new experiences and challenges.

About the firm

We are providing legal assistance to foreign investors in Switzerland & Europe in the areas of commercial law & litigation, company formation and other fields of law.

Our law firm aims to support clients in achieving their goals by providing legal advice and legal assistance of the highest quality that will exceed their expectations.

Our clients will benefit from combining the highest standards of business and legal knowledge with the best legal services, maintaining also the quality of the resources needed to meet customer needs, whenever that may arise.

To meet our clients’ expectations, we recruit and prepare the most competitive people. We believe that providing excellent legal services to our clients, we will be involved in interesting and challenging cases, obtaining thus the reputation and high level of efficiency that recommend us for complex cases.

We are confident that we will overcome the boundaries of professional challenges that arise in our field.